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CCJOB1000071_C# .NET Developer

<h1>C# .NET Developer / Software Engineer</h1> <br/><br/> SaaS platform providing geo-location Data services across UK & Europe. Consists of a Platform which can manage onwards of 1 Billion data sets per day, running over 200 complex algorithms for processing the data. Portals for 10 000's of concurrent users (Mobile & Web) users and portals for the clients who run the white label service. <br/><br/> The platform therefore needs to be scalable, able to integrate with many points of data, serviceable so that clients can establish the functionality they want. <br/><br/> Working in a team of 12 .NET Developers (and growing) you will work on the core product platform and bespoke services for the external clients. <br/><br/><b> Tech stack listed below. Listed in order of importance, you certainly do not need all of this. </b> <br/><br/><ul> <li>Strong C# Coder – 90%+ Hands on Coding with SOLID Principles in mind</li> <li>.Net Development (4.5) (WebAPI, REST and WCF Web Services)</li> <li>Unit Testing, we practice Test First, Test Driven Development (TDD = Red/Green/Refactor)</li> <li>TSQL, ORMs (Entity Framework/EF), Performance Tuning, Microsoft SQL Server, SQL Azure</li> <li>Willingness to learn constantly – a passion for writing good Code!</li> <li>Design Patterns, Enterprise Integration Patterns (Service Bus Pattern, Publish/Subscribe)</li> <li>Strong appreciation of Domain Driven Design and Service Oriented Architecture</li> <li>Messaging Systems - NServiceBus, MSMQ</li> <li>Cloud Platform/Distributed Systems Design (Windows Azure but AWS knowledge etc. great)</li> <li>DevOps (Powershell, Docker/Chef/Puppet, Automation and CI Config) – Go/TeamCity</li> <li>Event Sourcing (EventStore)</li> <li>NoSQL Databases RavenDB, others (CouchDB/Couchbase/Cassandra/Redis etc)</li> <li>JavaScript Development/SPA – (Durandal/Angular, JS Unit Testing Frameworks)</li> <li>Reactive Design Patterns (Rx/RxJS/React) </li> <li>Front End/UX (HTML5, CSS, LESS, Standards Compliance) </li> <li>Windows Server 2012+ (IIS 7.5/8, Performance Tuning) - Infrastructure management. </li> </ul><br/><br/> For full spec and company details please contact me. <br/><br/> Friendly office environment, culture which respects work/life balance, car parking available. <br/><br/> <b>Located Leatherhead, Surrey</b> <br/><br/>
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paul whitehead
CCJOB1000071_C# .NET Developer


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