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CCJOB1000051_Senior C# .NET ASP.NET Developer

<b>Technical Solutions Consultancy</b> located in the City, searching for a <b>Senior Developer</b> <br><br> Setup and run by technologists. Long list of clients including Blue Chip, Finance and Media. <br><br> Mix of projects include large public facing eCommerce services through to B2B CMS systems. <br><br> The larger projects they taken on will require development of a platform and integration with services on an enterprise level. <br><br> This company has a 100% in-house permanent team of developers who are all experienced Software Engineers with strong communication skills. It's a productive environment to work in and there is an open mind towards technology and solutions. They will look at the best technology for the solution, prepared to venture into open source and use new tools and techs if deemed that they will offer value. <br><br><b> Duties:</b><ul> <li>Hands-on coding </li> <li>Systems Analysis and Design </li> <li>ensure good practice is adhered to </li> <li>Communicate effectively with the Project Manager to agree timescales </li> </ul><br><br><b> What are they looking for:</b> <ul> <li>Web application development experience a must. Preferably C#.Net with MVC, however Webforms experience is acceptable (you will train to MVC3 &4) </li> <li>Experience with Web Services, SOAP and REST, WebAPI are a bonus </li> <li>Solid OO skills. SOLID or DDD are nice to have</li> <li>Some SQL is also important. Not a great deal, but an understanding of relational databases and how to write SELECT statements at least. </li> </ul><br><br><b>On the wish list (you don't need all of these): </b><br><br> Experience with a range of frameworks/libraries (In rough order of importance): <br><br><ul> <li>MVC</li> <li>IOC frameworks like Unity or Castle Windsor, Structure Map, Ninject.. </li> <li>ORMs like Entity Framework, NHibernate, PetaPoca etc</li> <li>Javascript frameworks like Knockout JS, Angular JSand JQuery </li> <li>CSS frameworks like Twitter Bootstrap </li> <li>WCF/Web API </li> <li>Web Driver/Selenium Browser Automation framework. </li> <li>NOSQL </li> <li>NService Bus </li> <br><br><b> Nice to haves: </b><br><br> Experience with Web CMS's like<br><br><ul> <li>Sitecore </li> <li>Sitefinity </li> <li>Episerver </li> <li>Umbraco </li> <li>Orchard </li> </ul><br><br> Any experience (commercial or otherwise) with new and funky technologies is also a big plus<br><br> <ul> <li>NoSql (Raven DB, CouchDB, Neo4j, Mongo DB) </li> <li>Node JS </li> <li>•Nancy FX </li> </ul><br><br> Agile Experience<br><br> <ul> <li>Scrum </li> <li>TDD </li> <li>Pair programming </li> </ul><br><br> Located in the City - close to some excellent bars and restaurants


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paul whitehead
CCJOB1000051_Senior C# .NET ASP.NET Developer


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