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CCJOB1000087_Node.js / React Developer

<h1>Node.js / React Developer</h1> <br/><br/> <b>Salary: £40K to £75K<br/> Location: Central London (They are able to support 100% home working)</b> <br/><br/> Opportunity to join a Global company who offer a range of digital services, the largest of which is a global community portal for work collaboration (via a Social Media style portal which includes ratings etc). This alone has 6 million+ users with circa 600K daily users. <br/><br/> They are hiring x10 Developers, solely due to growth, a mix of progressing current platforms and also greensite projects for new services. <br/><br/> They have offices in the UK and US. They've established the modern flexible and remote working environment, therefore teams will include Developers working off site.<br/><br/> Tech environment is Node.js (ES6+, Babel) + React/Redux microservices running in Docker containers in AWS. They follow a microservices architectural approach with a bias towards slightly larger services focused on domain specific functionality. They have a variety of data storage mechanisms including MongoDB, Cassandra, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Redis. <br/><br/> <b>DUTIES</b> <br/><br/><ul> <li>Work with a team focusing on a specific solution/project and following delivery then move to another team for the next project. </li> <li>Apply process suited to the team and solution, Agile, TDD and good DevOps practice is a way of life, but application of these may differ.</li> <li>Deliver high quality software directly into live environments through continuous delivery</li <li>Monitor, diagnose and maintain live software</li> <li>Discuss solutions to complex problems and work out a plan to deliver</li> </ul> <br/><br/> <b>SKILLS & EXPERIENCE</b> <br/><br/> They are hiring Developers at all levels, therefore you do not need to match their skills stack 100%. Also, you may have a leaning towards front or back end, either way, we are interested in speaking with you!


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Paul whitehead
CCJOB1000087_Node.js / React Developer


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