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CCJOB1000058_OO Javascript Developer

<b>OO Javascript Developer</b> <br><br> Digital company with international brand (online product search). High volume of users. <br><br> The Front End makes strong use of backbone.js to offer a single web page application. Change your search parameters through click boxes and sliders and the results grid updates without page refresh. You also get maps and other great graphical services to enhance the experience. <br><br> Opportunity to join the team of talented developers and work with Javascript following good programming practice (Unit Testing, code separation, continuous deployment) and use Javascript MVVM frameworks on the public facing site (not just for Back End Admin - which a lot of companies do) <br><br> Skills and experience required: <br><br> <ul> <li>Strong Javascript OO skills</li> <li>Experience working with modern JS frameworks such as Backbone.js, Ember.js, Angular.js</li> <li>Familiarity with CSS pre-processors</li> <li>Modern Front End tooling, grunt, gulp, bower, etc</li> <li>Testing frameworks like Jasmine, Mocha, Webdriver, Karma</li> </ul> <br><br>


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Paul Whitehead
CCJOB1000058_OO Javascript Developer


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