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CCJOB1000064_C# .NET Developer - WebAPI, NoSQL, TDD

<h1>C# Developer</h1> <br/><br/> Greenfield project which is part of the Microsoft backed test programme. Microsoft are behind the project because its a high volume transactional system which scales on Azure using Windows Server 2016. Microsoft views the future in the cloud and they need flag ship projects to pitch Azure against Amazon AWS.<br/><br/> Being part of this project gives you access to pre-released technology.<br/><br/> The project is a global reservations system which integrates at many points. Its built following Micro Services and the UI uses Angular.js. It's deployed in Azure and uses CouchDB and Elastic<br/><br/> <b>Skills and experience required:</b><br/><br/> <ul> <li>C#</li> <li>Web Services WCF (They also use WebAPI). </li> <li>Experience with Micro Service Driven development would be nice</li> <li>NoSQL - any of Mongo, Couch, Cassandra etc</li> <li>Amazon AWS/Azure is desirable</li> <li>They use Docker and Go, you don't need these skills but you will have experience of Continuous Integration and most likely Automated Build and Deployment</li> <li>Most likely you've applied SOLID and followed TDD They use Angular.js and Aurelia - any experience with Javascript MVVM would be useful</li></ul><br/><br/> The salary is at least 20% below market rate. However, on the plus side you will be an influential Senior on a project which will have publicity from Microsoft due to the projects ground breaking nature. Also, you will be working with other technical athletes and a Technical Director who gives space for creativity.<br/><br/>


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Paul Whitehead
CCJOB1000064_C# .NET Developer - WebAPI, NoSQL, TDD


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