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CCJOB1000059_OO Javascript Developer (use Node & Coffee)


OO Javascript Developer

Join a well funded Startup who are using an exciting stack of technology

They are using Javascript, CoffeeScript, Meteor, Node.js. Experience with Node or Coffee or NoSQL is not required. However, you need good OO skills, possibly from MVC experience with PHP, Ruby, JAVA or maybe you've simply got to grips with OO concepts within the Javascript sphere! If you've used a Javascript library which follows a MVVM framework such as angular.js then all the better.

They are creating an online learning platform (aimed at Secondary schools) which uses sophisticated data analytics. The service will be available over PC’s and Tablets

They have investment funding, strong board of directors and agreements with examining boards for content and agreements with Schools for trialling. They are also endorsed by the Government

This is a Greenfield project where your contribution will influence the product and the success and future of the platform.

Tools and frameworks for Javascript and also NoSQL have exploded in the last year. The CTO welcomes suggestions for new technologies which would benefit the projects or make development easier or increase quality.

Below is a list of technology they are using, OO Javascript is the only essential and you are able to focus on front end if Server Side and Data Analytics is not your thing!:

  • CoffeeScript and JavaScript
  • Node.js
  • Iron Router
  • MongoDB, including indexing and query optimisation
  • jQuery, HTML5, CSS3
  • Jade templates
  • Meteor.js, Meteor packages
  • Packaging Meteor as a mobile app
  • (phones/tablets)
  • HTML animation (e.g., bounce.js, velocity.js,
  • Data analytics
  • Machine learning / AI
  • Video playback
  • Amazon AWS (EC2, S3, etc.)

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